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GerHoblett? provided a large diff which accomplished the goal in a quite different way. It has merit, however I have opted for a less-affecting path in so far as Xinha's "way" is concerned, namely, not splitting the config for a single plugin into several calls to backend config passing functions which seemed a little cumbersome.

Instead I take the option of using POST to send backend data around, at the minor expense of an extra round trip when displaying thumbnails (for each one). This could be reduced by checking for thumbnail existence and returning the thumbnail name directly in "onView" rather than the backend request to generate said thumbnail.

Still to do, is to make the preview pane thumbnail also work.

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2/// getID3() by James Heinrich <>               //
3//  available at                 //
4//            or                         //
6//                                                             //
7// dependencies.txt - part of getID3()                         //
8// See readme.txt for more details                             //
9//                                                            ///
12lyrics3     depends on   apetag (optional)
13ogg         depends on   flac
14id3v2       depends on   id3v1
15apetag      depends on   id3v1 (optional, writing only)
16bonk        depends on   id3v2 (optional)
17riff        depends on   mp3
18mpeg        depends on   mp3
19quicktime   depends on   mp3
20flac        depends on   ogg
21optimfrog   depends on   riff
22la          depends on   riff
23lpac        depends on   riff
24asf         depends on   riff, id3v1 (optional)
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