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Reduce roundtrips for image thumbnails.

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10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 9a926918afdcddb1a7555ef685e7acb6523a7192 James Sleeman <boffin@mortimer.(none)> 1301357331 +1300       clone: from git://
29a926918afdcddb1a7555ef685e7acb6523a7192 4032882436175bde9c335b9ad75f81a208c7c98e James Sleeman <> 1301648133 +1300     pull : Fast-forward
34032882436175bde9c335b9ad75f81a208c7c98e 794418a4483a3bc4dcc6fd4d631dafb328c518c3 James Sleeman <> 1301666698 +1300     commit: Initial ability to *optionally* POST the propagateData instead of GET'ing it, thumbnails are supported in the list view but not yet in the preview/details, probably need to have onDetails actually generate the thumb(s), this would be fine since if you're calling onDetails one assumes you will be rather shortly hitting up the image anyway.
4794418a4483a3bc4dcc6fd4d631dafb328c518c3 b08f652f527a193c89233ac17a8b65d980f5dab2 James Sleeman <> 1301669667 +1300     commit: Make preview image (250 thumb) work with POST type propagateData. There are 2 ways I could have done this, either just used getThumb() to obtain the thumb250, or hijack onThumbnail() to do the work. I chose the latter because it more closely aligns with the previous logic even if it is a larger diff to do it.
5b08f652f527a193c89233ac17a8b65d980f5dab2 b39b68cda2d7c9f06cdaaeb2aa6556965ae99604 James Sleeman <> 1301671697 +1300     commit: Add an option "thumbnailsMustGoThroughBackend" to FileManager.php, it defaults to true (current behaviour). When set to false, IF and only if a thumbnail of the correct size has been created already, then onView will return the direct thumbnail url, otherwise it will still go through the onThumbnail event to get the thumbnail (the first time). This is a means to reduce the roundtrips required whe using the POST type of propagateData, it also would reduce server load for normal GET type setups because it cuts down drastically on PHP execution requests and all that entails.
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