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Fixes #1386 by adding a value attribute to all checkboxes/radio buttons that didn't have any.

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1<h1 class="title" ><l10n>Insert Snippet</l10n></h1>
2  <form action="" method="get">
4    <div class="IScattabs" id="[cattabs]"></div>
5    <div id="[insert_div]" style="overflow:auto;height:330px;float: left;width:50%">
6     <table style="border: 0;width:100%">
7     <tbody id="[snippettable]" class="ISsnippettable"></tbody>
8     </table>
10    </div>
11    <div><iframe src="about:blank" style="float:left; border:none;width: 50%;height: 330px" id="[preview_iframe]"></iframe>
12    <div class="space" style="clear: left;"></div>
13    <div class="buttons">
14     <div style="float:left">
15           <label for="[search]"><l10n>Filter</l10n></label> <input type="text" id="[search]" />
16           <input type="checkbox" id="[wordbegin]" checked="checked" value="on" /><label for="[wordbegin]"><l10n>Only search word beginning</l10n></label>
17     </div>
18     <button type="button" id="[cancel]" style="float: right;"><l10n>Cancel</l10n></button>
19    </div>
20  </form>
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